Claudia Marie In Puerto Rican Ass Fucked


A few years ago a young Puerto Rican stud named Cosmo met Claudia Marie. When he met her it was during the time that her implants had been ripped out and all she had was saggy flappy long pieces of skin with nipples. And on that day he stretched and pulled on those big saggy empty udders while he tore her asshole up with rough anal sex! Claudia Marie promised that when she got her implants back she would let him fuck her again. Now, a few years have gone by. And Cosmo sees CM walking down the street and sees her gigantic fake tits! He grabs the whore and goes to town on those big silicone monsters. Then he smacks that fat white ass and plunges balls deep into it with his big uncut Puerto Rican cock before blasting a load of cum all over her fat ass cheeks!

Date: June 8, 2016

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